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Taxi prices (ad-hoc)

  Basic rate Rate per KM Rate per minute
Single rate 1 € 3,30 € 2,47 € 0,41
Special rate 2 (15% discount) € 2,80 € 2,10 € 0,35
Special rate 3  € 2,30 € 1,73 € 0,29
Special rate 4 (vice-versa tarief) € 3,30 € 1,24 € 0,41

Airport transport (cab fare)

    Taxi  Bus
Amersfoort Vliegveld Schiphol (Amsterdam) See airport transport  
Amersfoort Vliegveld Zestienhoven (Rotterdam) €105,-/€110,- €135,-/€140,-
Amersfoort Vliegveld Eindhoven Airport €125,-/€130,-  €155,-/€160,-
Amersfoort Vliegveld Brussel Airport €235,-/€240,-  €295,-/€300,-
Amersfoort Vliegveld Dusseldorf Airport €185,-/€190,- €230,-/€235
Amersfoort Vliegveld Weeze Airport €130,-/€135,- €165,-/€170,-

Other taxi transport

Amersfoort Cruise-Terminal Amsterdam

Taxi €80,-/Bus €110,-

Amersfoort Cruise-Terminal Rotterdam

Taxi €125,-/Bus€160,-


Our prices are based on a single fare with a maximum of four persons for a taxi, and a maximum of eight persons for a bus. For airport transport, it is required to book your taxi at least 24 hours in advance. We do not calculate any night or rush hour surcharges. There are also no surcharges for collecting people from the airport. Our prices include 9% VAT
Do you wish to go to a special destination or are you travelling with more than four persons? Please contact our taxi control centre. They are pleased to help you find a proper solution for your transport problem, for a very proper price. For companies it is of course possible to book on account. Please contact our taxi control centre for more information.

Ride on account

Taxi Keistad offers companies and other organisations the possibility to book a ride on account. In order to do so, we ask you to fill in this application form. After you've sent the application form, our administrator will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the further details.